Balsamic Ginger Dressing

Salad Dressing Curet

Salad Dressing Curet

Balsamic Ginger Dressing

Balsamic Ginger Dressing


Balsamic Ginger Dressing

Chad’s Favorite Home Made Dressing

Our House Dressing

“THE” Dressing

Dressing in the Curet

The dressing of many names!  It is so good.  It is a balsamic ginger dressing, it’s Chad’s favorite dressing, we call it our house dressing,  when people ask for it they say “THE” dressing, and I make it in a curet with not much measuring.  When people ask for a recipe, its hard to give them one since I only measure a couple of things.   So, I thought what a great way to write the recipe…  Take a picture of the curet and show lines and arrows with the ingredients.

Just about everyone has a curet in their cabinet from when you called yourself making homemade dressing by buying the Italian seasoning packet and filling the curet to the lines marked with vinegar (V), water (W), and oil (O).   Okay…  i admit it was good but making dressings from scratch is so easy, fresh, and delicious. So why not make home made dressing?

If you don’t already own a curet…  Just run up to your local grocery store and look in the section with the dried, premixed, salad dressing packages.  Just about avery grocery store I’ver ever been in has them.  And if not…  there’s always Walmart.

I am going to give you a list of ingredients.  Don’t be intimidated by the long list.  I try to always keep these ingredients on hand and I usually always have fresh limes.  So…  go get yourself a curet and all the everything listed below and let’s make “THE” dressing!!!

Juice of two limes (I go ahead and juice the limes first and set them aside.  This is the last thing I add to the dressing.)

Balsamic vinegar

Red wine vinegar

Rice vinegar

1 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp coarse ground black

1 TBS ginger powder

a pinch of red pepper flakes

1 TBS Minced Garlic Powder

2 small packages Splenda

Extra virgin olive oil

Hot chili oil

1 TBS Worcestershire

1 TBS lite soy


Add the ingredients according to the picture.  Serve over a bed of your favorite salad mix.


  1. I can’t wait to try this! While on vacation, I found a store that sold balsamic vinegars and I bought one with honey. I think I’ll use it and skip the Splenda.

  2. Dot Higgins says:

    Where’s the ginger? Sounds great!

    • MelissiaDaggett says:

      Hey Dot! I use ginger powder for this particular recipe. I double checked and it’s on there. I will say if you want to use fresh ginger… I have done that and it is really good! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog!!!

  3. Did you mean for us to eat this all at one sitting! It was so good, my daughter and I almost did! I have a couple of questions: where do you get hot chili oil? Also do you use minced garlic or minced garlic powder?

    • MelissiaDaggett says:

      Valerie, I buy my chili oil at a little asian grocery. If you live in a bigger city I would think you could get in some of the bigger supermarkets on the international food isle. For this particular recipe, I use the minced garlic straight from the jar! Thanks again for visiting my site and I appreciate your comments!!!

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