Prosciutto Wrapped Grapes with Fontina and Parmesan

prosciutto wrapped grapes

prosciutto wrapped grapes

Prosciutto Wrapped Grapes with Fontina and Parmesan

 What a fabulous, fast appetizer!  The flavor combinations in this quick little treat are really delicious!  The sharpness of the parmesan and the smoothness of the fontina along with the sweetness of the grapes….  and the fact that it takes so little time!  Such a refreshing treat for a warm day!  Of course, we had a nice, crisp, cool glass of white wine but a cold glass of iced tea would be good too!  I guess….

Ingredients List:

 Small handful of arugula

2 slices prosciutto cut crosswise into 6 pieces

12 seedless grapes, I used 1/2 white grapes and 1/2 red grapes

12 small cubes fontina cheese

12 thick shavings parmesan cheese

12 decorative toothpicks


1 – TBS pomegranate syrup ( available at middle eastern grocery stores )

1 – TBS balsamic

1/2 – TBS olive oil

( whisk all of this together to drizzle into the grapes )

Scatter the arugula onto a small serving platter.  Roll each grape into a piece of prosciutto.  Place it on top of a cube of fontina.  Top it with the parmesan shavings and  skewer it with a tooth pick.  Place it on top of the arugula.  Repeat for each grape.  Drizzle with the pomegranate/balsamic dressing… use as much or as little as you want of the dressing.


Serve and enjoy!!!

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