Halloween is here!!!

HALLOWEEN!!!!!…  Probably one of my MOST favorite holidays!!!  Just fun, reminds me of being a kid, no gifts, and  it truly kicks off the holiday season!!!   We will have some sort of decoration in our home beginning now and until Mardi Gras.  The mantle has been spooked up for a couple of weeks now with our Dan Akroyd vodka skulls (we

don’t drink vodka often but we love these skulls for halloween)!!!  This past weekend, we FINALLY got our spooky ole Scarecrow out that you can see as you are approaching the end of street towards our driveway.  Then, we decided to get all crafty…  we bought three different sized styrofoam skulls from Michael’s and silver leafed them.  I think they turned out pretty neat looking.Spooky Halloween Scarecrow

Here is our Scarecrow that is in our front yard.  You can see him as you are driving towards our driveway!!!Silver Leafed Skulls

Dan Akroyd Vodka Skulls

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