About Me

<Me and Boulie!!!

My name is Melissia…  I am blessed to live in a coastal community with my husband and two boys on a piece of property that is a little piece of heaven!!!!  I am an everyday person living an everyday life….  Living and Learning!!!  Although, this blog is primarily about cooking, it also touches on what I do on a daily basis.   I love to cook but I also like to stay in shape… so sharing my recipes and my lifestyle might be helpful to some.  I also love to get creative outside of the kitchen.  My husband, Chad, and I share a passion for gardening.  Chad is the hauler of large objects, the planter, and master carpenter.  My job is master finger pointer, weeder, and pourer of the wine at the end of the day while cooking it up in the kitchen!  My background is in Art & Interior Design.  I still like to get a “weekend” project going that often ends up covering the dining table for weeks on in.  My “I can do that” state of mind often leaves more on my plate than I can chew but it always seems to get finished in the long run!

Some of you may ask, “What do you know about cooking and how were you trained?”…  Well, believe me…I didn’t start out knowing how to cook!  My first attempts were absolutely horrible!  I think it all started with a chicken,broccoli, and cheese casserole with “maybe” a little salt and pepper.  Chad was sweet enough to choke it down on a weekly basis just so I didn’t get my feelings hurt.  And I won’t go into great details about the under cooked fried chicken or the dirty rice!  BUT… I had the desire to learn!  My training is the old fashioned, straight from my kitchen, sort of way.  My sister in law, Tanya, said “If you can read, you can cook.”  So, that is the approach that I took.  I started looking at some simple recipes and seeing some great results.  Over time, I have learned different flavors that are tastefully combined that my family and friends are fond of.  I love trying different herbs and spices from other cultures.  All of these things combined have taken my passion for cooking to a new level.  I always tell people that I wake up in the morning wondering what I am going to cook that evening!

Several years ago when everyone starting doing all of the social networking and Face Book became so popular, I got hooked and started posting pictures of the dishes I had cooked as well as sharing recipes with friends.  This made cooking even more fun!  People started telling me I needed to open a restaurant.  But for any of you who know me ( I know you are laughing and you know who you are)… needless to say… that would not be a good idea!!!  So, I thought that writing a cook book so people could make these good dishes for themselves would be a better option!!  Procrastinating on writing the cook book has now become my inspiration for creating this blog.  I hope that I can inspire people to love to cook as much as I do.  My love for cooking has resulted in togetherness with friends and family.  Chad likes to help me in the kitchen so that is quality time for us. Most days of the week, my family sits together at the table to eat dinner as a family.  We share laughs and things that happened during the day.  And last but not least, my friends starting referring to my kitchen as “Sweet Melissia’s” and they know that on any given day they can pop in without an invitation and whatever I am cooking can be shared by all!!!

So… to all of my family and friends… “Thank You” for the words of encouragement and I hope this blog pushes me to write the cook book and is everything you would expect!!  I have promised my husband, Chad, and two son’s, Bobby and Abe for years that I would do this.  Of course, they think I’ll never do it. I hope I prove you wrong, guys!!!

Having said all that… I invite you to come on in and enjoy our everyday!

Love ya!!!