Fish Tacos with Sriracha Mayo and Two Sauces

Fish Tacos with Sriracha Mayo and Two Sauces

Fish Tacos with Sriracha Mayo and Two Sauces

Fish Tacos with Sriracha Mayo and Two Sauces

I have to admit that I have never really been a huge fan of fish tacos.  I guess because the ones that I have tried out at restaurants have been lacking in the flavor department so I‘ve never become overly excited about the idea of preparing them at home.  However, since my 13 year old is a fish catching fiend …  I have had to come up with some different recipes for all of the fish he is providing lately.  Several weeks ago, I made fish tacos with more of a south west flavor and they were extremely tasty but I never got around to typing up my recipe and they were gobbled up before I could even think about taking a picture.  So… This past weekend’s kayaking trip ended up with two beautiful red fish.  So big and beautiful that they wouldn’t fit in the ice chest.  I decided we would do a repeat on the fish tacos. Only this week I was feeling a little more like an Asian flavor.  I ended up making a Sriracha mayonnaise for the base.  I was thinking about two different sauces and couldn’t make up my mind so I thought… what the heck…  I’ll do both!  Some of my people chose to go with the mayo and one sauce. I, however used a little drizzle of both and I thought all of the flavors worked great together.  My 13 year old chose not to use my mayo but rather make his own instead….  Needless to say we had plenty of mayo’s and sauces to go around.  Try mine… Try his…Make it your own….  whatever works!  These are delicious regardless of the combination of flavors that you choose.  Let me add, get all of you sauces and garnishes ready so that when you fry the fish, they can go directly into your tortillas. 

I use 8 inch flour tortillas as my soft taco’s.  As far how many just depends on how hungry your people are!!!

Sriracha Mayo:

1 cup real mayonnaise ( I prefer Duke’s)

5 TBS Thai sweet chili sauce

2 TBS Sriracha

2 TBS Rice Vinegar

1 heaping TBS chili paste

*Mix all ingredients together.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Sauce #1:  Curry Lime sauce:

2 limes, juiced – should be aprox. 9 TBS of juice

3 TBS red curry paste

3 TBS fish sauce

1 pkt. Stevia

*Mix all ingredients together.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Sauce #2:  Chili Lime sauce:

Juice of 2 limes

3 TBS fish sauce

2 TBS Thai sweet chili sauce

1 TBS sriracha  sauce

*Mix all ingredients together.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Garnish Platter:

Jalapeno peppers sliced thin (I left the seeds and the veins in but if you don’t want the heat remove them)

Cilantro leaves

Thai Basil leaves

shredded lettuce

Prepare the fish:

2 large fish fillet’s.  I sliced the fillets into smaller, thinner pieces so the would fry better.

Lay these out on a baking sheet lined with paper towels to absorb any of the liquid they may be retaining.

On another foil lined baking sheet:

Fish Fry (about 3 cups) season the fish fry with the following spices and mix well:

1 TBS Kosher salt and maybe a pinch more

1 TBS Coarse ground black pepper

1 TBS Garlic powder

1 TBS Onion powder

1 TBS Mustard powder

1/2 TBS cayenne pepper

Beat 3 – 4 large eggs mixed with 2 TBS milk in a medium sized bowl.  The bowl needs to be large enough to fit the fish fillets down in the bowl to get a good coating of the egg wash on them. *Note:  I like to put all of the fish in the bowl at one time and turn them to coat.  I find it makes it easier and less messy than dipping one fillet at a time.

Pour enough canola oil in a fryer so that it is about 3 inches deep.  I have an old stainless steel fryer that has a basket with a handle that fits down in the fryer.  It works great and the fish come out light and flakey every time. 

Line another baking sheet with paper bags or paper towels and set it aside.  This one is to put the fish on after moving it from the fryer to absorb any excess oil. I know…  this recipe dirties up a lot of dishes but its worth it!!!!

Insert a cooking thermometer into the fryer with the oil.  Heat the oil over high heat until it reaches 375 – 400 degrees.  Once the oil is hot, use tongs to remove one fillet at a time from the egg wash and lay it over in the seasoned fish fry.  Get a good coating of the fish fry on both sides of the fish.  Then, carefully place the fish into the hot oil.  I can usually get about 5 -6 fillets in my fryer at one time.  It doesn’t take long for it to cook.  Usually just a minute or so.  They will turn a nice golden brown color and will float when they are done.  Watch the temperature of the oil.  You want it to stay within the 350 – 400 degree mark.  Sometimes, when you add the fish it can bring the temperature down but make sure it doesn’t get too high either.  When the fish is done, place it on the paper lined baking sheet.  Repeat this in batches until all of the fish is cooked.  *Note:  When you are “battering” the fish, ONLY do one at a time.  Battering more than one at a time leaves you with a “gooey” coating on the fish.

To assemble the tacos:

Wrap the tortillas in a dish towel and heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Spread a generous amount of the Sriracha mayo on a tortilla.  Top with a couple of fish fillets and your choice of garnishings.  Drizzle with your choice of sauces.  Carefully wrap it all up and eat it all up.  I like to have separate small bowls of sauces so I can dip my taco in the sauce as I am eating it. 

Serve and Enjoy!!!